Songs by Ryan8bit

Play Name Game(s) Duel Rank
A Legend is Born Dragon Warrior 3 April 2005: Dragon Warrior Month 2/12
All Else Failed (Use Fire) Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link July 2004: Zelda Month 5/08
Alucard Risen Castlevania: Symphony of the Night December 2003: 32 Bit Systems Month 1/03
Arisha (original - XMark) Dragon Spirit August 2011: Recover Month 8/15
Arthur's Rage Ghosts 'n Goblins October 2003: Horror Games Month 3/04
At My Inhuman Mercy Castlevania: Symphony of the Night February 2011: Level 3 Month 3/10
Back To Square One Section Z February 2005: Scrolling Shooters Month 4/13
Bahamut Rising Rise of the Dragon July 2013: Sierra Month 6/06
Behold the Beast Daikaijuu Deburas April 2011: Japan Month 7/12
Can't Escape the Sorrow Final Fantasy 4 November 2003: Final Fantasy Month 1/05
Catacombs Beneath the Twilight Solstice February 2006: Free Month 1/25
Death of a Dancing Queen Ikari Warriors 2 August 2004: Military Games Month 3/07
Devious Impostor Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge March 2006: Metal Gear Month 1/13
Disturbed Slumber of the Ancients Dragon Warrior 3 August 2013: Desert Month 5/09
Down for the Count Pro Wrestling March 2004: Fighting Games Month 3/05
Echo of the Seventh Deadly Bell Deadly Towers March 2007: Free Month 6/24
Fantastic Finale Final Fantasy November 2023: Final Fantasy Month 7/31
Farewell, Dear Maiden Wizards & Warriors June 2009: NES Triple Threat Month 2/03
First Fantasy Final Fantasy September 2023: 20th Anniversary Month 26/59
Forlorn Dream King's Quest 5 November 2004: Free Month 2/15
Forsaken Home Dragon Quest 5 June 2012: Town Month 8/11
Four Cryptic Stones Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones October 2004: Double Dragon Month 3/08
Frosty Reception Battletoads May 2007: Fire vs. Ice Month 8/23
Galactus' Bidding Silver Surfer February 2006: Tornado of Solos - Silver Surfer Month 1/03
Grief of Aktemto Dragon Warrior 4 May 2004: Free Month 4/10
Heroes Never Die Heroes of Might and Magic 2 August 2006: Free Month 12/20
Hey, April, Don't Cut Me No Slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game
September 2013: 10th Anniversary Month 12/53
Hot Dam! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles May 2012: TMNT Month 2/05
Kuros Shot the Food Gauntlet
Wizards & Warriors
December 2007: Free Month 7/46
Left in the Dust R.C. Pro-Am August 2005: Racing Games Month 4/16
Looming Nightmare Super Mario Bros. 2 July 2005: Mario Month 6/22
Marcello's Ambition Dragon Quest 8 June 2007: Free Month 2/22
Mist, the Bringer of Pain Legend of the Mystical Ninja June 2006: Goemon Games Month 2/08
My Girl Needs a Gut Punchin' Double Dragon December 2008: Sidescrollers Month 10/35
My Joy is Thy Destruction Dragon Warrior 3 June 2008: Boss vs. Hero Month 3/23
My Knife Vs. the World Rush'n Attack April 2012: Free Month 3/13
Ninjas Kidnapped My Tuner Bad Dudes September 2005: Free Month 9/27
No, Punch IN, Stupid! Punch-Out!! January 2021: Brevity Month 31/40
Oh, Nelwyn Willow February 2007: Capcom Games Month 3/14
Ominous Cavern Legend of Kyrandia August 2007: PC Games Month 4/19
Overdeveloped Sense of Vengeance Dragon Quest 9 March 2011: Portables Month 5/08
Paperboner Paperboy December 2010: Free Month 18/32
Positive Thoughts Faxanadu January 2014: Brevity Month 12/39
Radioactive Waste In My Backyard Blaster Master November 2013: Blaster Master Month 10/13
Rage! Phantasmagoria July 2021: Vocal Month 8/28
Raped by Fire Contra April 2007: Contra Month 4/08
Rise of the Gray Knight Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest November 2011: Tornado of Solos - Dwelling of Doom Month 1/03
Shedbin Final Fantasy 6 September 2014: Chrono Trigger vs. Final Fantasy VI Month 8/14
Short Fuse Mega Man February 2004: Mega Man Month 3/03
Smick Smick Smick! Gyromite October 2006: Joke Songs Month 2/08
Somnia, Venator Metroid January 2005: Metroid Month 13/22
Sorry, I'm Dead Monster Party June 2005: Free Month 17/30
Stab the Earth Mega Man March 2005: Free Month 11/35
Strike on the Green Beret P.O.W.: Prisoners of War May 2006: Free Month 5/27
Suburban Pictionary, How the Tighty Whities Have Follin Pictionary April 2024: Tornado of Solos - Pictionary Month 4/13
Sweep Up the Broken Pieces Marble Madness September 2004: Free Month 5/11
The Cry of Marion Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones October 2005: Tornado of Solos - Double Dragon 3 Month 1/05
The Dead Become the Living Shadowrun December 2005: RPGs Month 12/24
The Enmity of Black and White Castlevania Adventure May 2005: Konami Games Month 8/23
The Fuzz Scuffle Target Renegade July 2006: Follin Bros. Month 1/05
The Quality of Life Descent November 2006: Free Month 3/27
The Silhouette Stares Back at Me Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos October 2010: Forest Month 7/13tie
The Viper Within Gradius May 2008: Gradius Month 5/15
The Wizards' Accord King's Quest 5 April 2006: American Adventure Games Month 2/12
The World Needs a Hiryu Strider December 2012: M11 - Konami vs. Capcom Month 9/29
The Worst Kick Master Song That Mysteriously Got All of M-H's Votes Kick Master February 2015: Brevity Month 24/32
They All Became Honor Students River City Ransom February 2012: Kunio Month 1/05
To Air is Shroomin' Final Fantasy 4
Super Mario Bros. 3
June 2024: Franchise Fusion Month 6/26
Tunahead Fred Edison's Medicine Maniac Mansion January 2024: Brevity Month 12/50
Undulation of the Darkness and the Light Super Castlevania 4 March 2013: Paragon Month 4/06
Uno Reverse Alucard Castlevania: Symphony of the Night December 2023: 32-Bit Era Month 10/23
Untimely Death Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse October 2004: Clockwork Competition Month 7/09
Wayfarer Dragon Warrior 2
Dragon Warrior 4
November 2007: Enix Games Month 4/12
Welcome to Hell Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship of Doom November 2009: Ninja Gaiden pt. 2 Month 1/09
What is a Man? Castlevania: Symphony of the Night October 2007: Castlevania Month 4/14
World Runner's Morning Caffeine 3-D WorldRunner July 2005: Joke Songs Month 4/12
Zapper in the Duck Hunt Duck Hunt March 2012: Jingle Month 1/06

Songs featuring Ryan8bit