June 2008: Boss vs. Hero Month ZIP Archive of Songs

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 The Hot Pink Of Blues Prince uf Darkness Final Fantasy 6
2 Boss Key norg Final Fantasy 5
3 My Joy is Thy Destruction Ryan8bit Dragon Warrior 3
4 Your Table is Ready Mr. Belmont Brian Davis Super Castlevania 4
5 Manning Up part 1 Snappleman Final Fantasy 7
6 Yeah, I'd Tap That (Mia Fey's Theme) Hope Fails Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
6 Giant Robot Bonanza Tensei-San Live A Live
8 My Closest Kin ryanisfootdrums Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy 6
9 The Righteous Path Harjawaldar Chrono Trigger
10 Lavos Jam DrumUltimA Chrono Trigger
11 Into the Alien Lair Daniel Alm Contra
12 Dethroning the Emperor packetpupper Puggsy
13 There's Metal in my Spaniard Final Atomic Buster Chrono Trigger
14 And Then You'll Beg Hydrasphere Lufia & the Fortress of Doom
15 Powder Blue Ryu and Chun-Li in Africa bjkmenu Street Fighter Alpha 3
15 I Object to Your Lameness Vegeroth
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
17 Unsent El Grapadura Final Fantasy X
18 Dark Lord Exdeath dasaten Final Fantasy 5
19 Boss bojangles Super Mario RPG
20 Ectoplasmic Beard Not Included Chickenwarlord Secret of Monkey Island
20 Kapt. K-Rool's Theme Parallel Universe Band Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
23 Comrades Don't Wear Pants tibonev Street Fighter 2
ALT Blue And Brave Another Toad Sonic Adventure
ALT I Mooned My Piano Chickenwarlord Imperishable Night
ALT Kamek's Magic Washing Machine Corax
Yoshi's Island
ALT Boss Crushing Hydrasphere Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
ALT Come to Me Hydrasphere Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
ALT Flying Battery Boss Max Svalgard Sonic & Knuckles
ALT Aeris Gets Hitched Shnabubula Final Fantasy 7
Super Castlevania 4