September 2005: Free Month ZIP Archive of Songs

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 Fall of IronSpire norg Wizards & Warriors
2 Unsealed CarboHydroM Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
3 Balrog (Vega In Disguise) Hat Street Fighter 2
4 FireMetal BrainCells Mega Man
5 Somber Dimensions ansgaros Faxanadu
Final Fantasy 5
Chrono Trigger
Tecmo World Wrestling
Ninja Gaiden
Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones
6 8 Worlds of Gloom Gonzo
Legend of Zelda
7 Sins and Darkness Kadmium Gabriel Knight
8 Annie's Other Song xoc Goonies 2
9 Ninjas Kidnapped My Tuner Ryan8bit Bad Dudes
10 Star of Darkness, Daughter of Light ~ As Red turns to Crimson ~ Light of Judgement, World of Darkness Paragon Star Ocean: The Second Story
Secret of Mana
Ys 2: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter
Ys 4: The Dawn of Ys
Final Fantasy 6
11 Where Will You Be Tomorrow QUICKSHOT Mega Man 3
12 Feelin' Blue Fields Circe Final Fantasy 8
12 The Invisible Man Natthimmel
Double Dragon
14 Rad Racer SSS Key Rad Racer
15 Musicaliprix Dave6502 Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge
16 The Summoning of Lavos spamtron Chrono Trigger
17 La Ville du Silence Koelsch1
After Burner 2
18 Morning Sky tibonev After Burner 2
19 Alien2Me XMark Quake 2
20 Rocket Fuel Lizard Rocket Knight Adventures
21 Blue Hadouken Jam Dooleus Street Fighter 2
21 Halloween at Transylvania XenonOdyssey DuckTales
23 Four Notes of DOOM Emptyeye Rygar
24 A Hero's Death evilsonic Mega Man 3
24 Blueless Leis Miller F-Zero
26 Uniracers cacomistle Uniracers
27 Joy Storm DinMkII F-Zero
ALT Saber Bird CarboHydroM Ikaruga
ALT Mute City for Pipe Organ Solo Count Halloweed F-Zero
ALT My Bloody Valentina Dooleus Super Mario RPG
ALT Conjuring Forth the Abyss Forfallen
ALT Make Your Time Kadmium Zero Wing
ALT Chemical Rock Lizard Sonic the Hedgehog 2
ALT 'If Only We Kept Nario From Gaining 'Too' Much Power...'' Nario Banjo-Kazooie
ALT What Do You Do? Natthimmel
Goonies 2
ALT Dreams Of Horrible Vocals NGA
NiGHTS into Dreams...
ALT sushi flame war spamtron [unknown]
ALT Remington Steele vs. MacGyver Two Crude Dudes Lawnmower Man
ALT Simlish XMark The Sims 2