It's Franchise Fusion Month!!!

Franchise Fusion Month Banner

Mega congratulations to BARx, Kirby's Dream Band, Xaleph, Paradiddles, Ryan8bit, and Zack Parrish for getting top 3 in a Mega May Mega Man Redux Month!

June is Franchise Fusion month! This duel has some special rules: Your entry must combine at least two different sources in a medley or mash-up, and those sources must come from at least two different franchises! For example, a submission could include music from Super Mario 64 plus Final Fantasy 6. Submitting a medley of music from Mario Kart 8 plus Super Mario RPG would NOT be acceptable, because the games are considered part of the same broad franchise. Spin-off games are considered to be a part of the same franchise. Please feel free to DM any of the leadership in our Discord server with questions!

This month's banner art was made by Max Farinato, depicting Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie merged with Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear!

Upload your submission for the month using our new Submission form!

Rule Updates

  • Use of generative A.I. vocals or voice filters that attempt to impersonate someone are not allowed on main entries.
  • Previously accepted submissions do not reflect the current submission policies.

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