July 2005: Mario Month ZIP Archive of Songs

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 Sonic Depths Ashane
Super Mario 64
2 Virt's Castle of Inspiration Tackle Super Mario World
Super Mario Bros.
3 Penguin Cap CarboHydroM Super Mario 64
4 Doki Doki Panic (And Mario Too) Hat Super Mario Bros. 2
5 Daisy takes the p-block from the ice land ruins to the bank xoc Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Land
Mario Party
6 Looming Nightmare Ryan8bit Super Mario Bros. 2
7 Domain of Evil XMark Super Mario World
8 Piece of Cake coda Super Mario 64
9 Shadow Mario's Suspicious Adventure Through The Depths Of Caverns Filled With Water Nario Super Mario World
Super Mario Sunshine
9 Monster Baby zykO Yoshi's Island
10 Dreams Come True atomic Super Mario RPG
Super Mario Bros. 2
10 Mushroom Mash Dave6502 Super Mario Bros. 3
10 Ludwig Von Koopa's Castle Insane Penguin Super Mario Bros. 3
10 Demise of the Mushroom Kingdom ZOMBIE Super Mario Bros. 3
14 Bowser's Inferno Forfallen
Super Mario Bros. 3
14 Fauna Ablaze (Confidence from Violence) Paragon Super Mario Land
14 Holes tibonev Super Mario Bros. 2
17 Toot On This Whistle cacomistle Super Mario Bros. 3
17 Lonely Throne evilsonic Super Mario 64
18 Goomba Goomba Koelsch1 Mario [Unknown]
19 Dear Princess Kadmium Super Mario World
20 Castle Theme Geohazard Super Mario World
20 Winter Bros. The Akkadian Super Mario Bros. 3
22 This Vanilla Needs Sweetener DoctorBlackJack
Super Mario World
ALT Hey Look! I Got a Bass (No, Mike, You Can't Help) atomic Super Mario Bros. 3
ALT Slumber Party atomic Super Mario Bros. 2
ALT 4th Place Finish cacomistle Mario Kart: Double Dash
ALT Mushroom Buzz DoctorBlackJack Super Mario World
ALT Fuck You Briann, I Didn't Want to Help Anyway evilsonic Super Mario Bros.
ALT The Latest and Greatest Breakthrough for the Boom Boom in the Bedroom, Queen Caramella's Coco Syrup Koelsch1 Wario Land
ALT Brothers of the Spirit KyleJCrb Super Mario Bros.
ALT Super Brother Love Nordic Gay Alliance Super Mario Bros. 3
ALT duck or dive (west coast operatica mix) spamtron Super Mario Bros. 3
ALT Mario Jam XMark Super Mario Bros. 2