Songs from Final Fantasy 4

Play Name Artist(s) Duel Rank
Barren Knights Vegeroth
June 2017: Kain Month 0/00
Can't Escape the Sorrow Ryan8bit November 2003: Final Fantasy Month 1/05
Cecil Gets Thrashed Paragon November 2003: Final Fantasy Month 4/05
Cecil's Bad Day Shea's Violin May 2022: Battle Month 14/26
Crystal Theme Hashel April 2012: Free Month 13/13
Cute Smile Izei October 2008: Free Month ALT
Down With the Patriarchy! Harpsibored January 2023: Brevity Month 4/58
Face Your Fear: Zeromus Kyle Hoke
Epic Game Music
The Blast Processors
January 2016: Collaboration Month 14/23
Golbeza Clad In The Dark Piano KLAX March 2005: Free Month 33/35
It Has Come to This kareshi December 2005: RPGs Month 8/24
Land of Summons Tupperware Party December 2009: Free Month 30/37
Loungin' in the Giant Ashane March 2005: Free Month 6/35
Lunaric Sonority Ashane May 2006: Free Month 21/27
MAGLess in Seattle (Overworld Rave Glowstick MegaPartyMix 2K6) West Coast Shizzies February 2006: Free Month ALT
ME ATTACK YOU FlextoneJunkie September 2023: 20th Anniversary Month 29/59
Moonbeams and Pennywhistles Natthimmel
December 2005: RPGs Month 13/24
Now is the Beginning of a Great Adventure! Eric Dude March 2016: Brevity Month 31/34
Optimistic Beginnings Eric Dude March 2005: Free Month 28/35
Reign of Terror, Rain of Fire Paragon
September 2004: Free Month 8/11
Ring of Bob-Omb Sex DoD-Omb
Siolfor the Jackal
November 2023: Final Fantasy Month ALT
Samba de Chocobo tibonev March 2019: Uematsu Month 7/09
The Exquisite City Eric Dude November 2006: Free Month 13/27
Theme of Shtupping Harpsibored August 2021: Free Month 11/37
Tribute to the Incognito Mock-Troubadour Andromeda January 2022: Brevity Month ALT
Trio efter Fanatics Tower of Power: I. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Ian Martyn May 2022: Battle Month ALT
Troian Beauty Sagnewshreds
January 2018: Brevity Month 12/18
Under da Erf West Coast Shizzies May 2006: Free Month ALT
Waltz of the Dolls housethegrate September 2004: Free Month 2/11
Wat? BONKERS December 2009: Free Month ALT
White Mage Can't Jump Eric Dude December 2005: RPGs Month 15/24

Medleys featuring Final Fantasy 4