September 2023: 20th Anniversary Month ZIP Archive of Songs Lyrics

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 In The Donk Newmajoe
The Super Soul Bros.
Robbie Benson
Brian Sheu
Anthony Franceschi
Alex Popoff
Christian Manzana
Sam Schwartz
Bert Keely
Gene Dreyband
Super Mario Odyssey
2 Confronting Myself Cory Johnson
Angry Polar Bear
Ian Martyn
3 Go For The Gold (DoD Winning Anthem) Ivan Hakštok
Nemo Fairlight
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
4 With a Little Help From My Friends TheManPF
Zachary Chapman
Niko Vargas
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
5 Bike Kid 2000: All Outta Gas Prince uf Darkness
Alex Brandon
Cory Johnson
Ivan Hakštok
Lucas Guimaraes
Excitebike 64
Moto Racer
Moto Racer 2
Paperboy 64
Road Rash 2
Road Rash 3
Sega Rally Championship
Twisted Metal 2
Twisted Metal 3
6 Forehead kisses the clouds Harmsing Bonk's Adventure
7 Explosions and MORE EXPLOSIONS!!! RetroReboot
Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
8 Your Tallgeese is Cooked Jabo
Gundam Wing Endless Duel
9 DoD 2oth Anniverary)_Demo2 winzip84 Rastan Saga II
10 Dear DoD Friends Harpsibored Final Fantasy 5
11 Weird Lore Connor Engstrom
Prince uf Fartness
Yoshi's Island
Super Mario World
12 Winters is Coming jnWake Earthbound
13 Venti Violet Shea's Violin F-Zero
14 Homesick for DoD Hat NieR Re[in]carnation
15 Winged Squadron newip Choujin Sentai Jetman
16 Dugout Dynasty Biggoron Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 5
18 Jump and Flare minusworld Super Mario Bros. 3
19 Not A water Level Extrinzic
Brandon L. Harnish
Pokemon Scarlet/Violet
Custom Robo Battle Revolution
20 Pudthumping Plumbawamba
Angry Polar Bear
Mario Party
21 The Assassination of King Crimson by the Coward Johnny Ford Mega Beardo Midnight Resistance [Genesis]
22 dear pud ❤️ Daniel Caton Portal 2
23 Silent Dreams celtzcaneddie F-Zero X
24 Dark Sky Over Pandora EndlessRepeat Secret of Mana
25 Nah Me Oh-Que Now! Bruce Bonebrake II Animal Crossing: New Horizons
26 First Fantasy Ryan8bit Final Fantasy
27 Time for Tecmo Time Super Strikers
Dino Lionetti
Kev Ragone
Tecmo Bowl
Captain Tsubasa Vol. II
Radia Senki
Ninja Gaiden
28 a classic of mega man medleys is being revived in a big way for the DOD M-H Mega Man 6
29 ME ATTACK YOU FlextoneJunkie Final Fantasy 4
30 Little Orphan Antichrist The Tonberries
CeCe Ennui
Jake Helland
Scrab Cakes
Melancholy Robot
Silent Hill 4: The Room
31 Dear Kata krobonil
Daphne F.
Sonic Frontiers
32 Truck Stop Inrudiment Terminator 2 [NES]
33 Flipside Part L: The Jester and The Void Lucas Guimaraes
Brandon L. Harnish
Sly Man
Chromatic Apparatus
Super Paper Mario
34 Oh, The Memories We Share valence Tokimeki Memorial 3: Yakusoku no Ano Basho de
35 Sunset Rex housethegrate Rad Racer
36 Dancing madly to finish this because I thought the deadline was the 30th Careless Final Fantasy 6
37 Celestial Dusting goat Vampire Survivors
38 Fight Medley Hingle McCringleberry
Final Fantasy 7
39 POV: It's 1956, you're on a date, you just ordered a milkshake from a pidgeon, and this comes on the jukebox Floating Continent
Mason Hoffman
Jake Helland
Animal Crossing: Wild World
40 Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies The Adventure Guild Stardew Valley
41 Born to Love, Programmed to be a Dumbass Bi Score
Ian Cowell
Carrie Wood
42 Mannziber Breeze Katajun Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
43 The Legend of Hisoutensoku (Sanae's Hot-Blooded Musical Fanfiction) Jett Swole Touhou 12.3: Hisoutensoku
44 Final Area, Final Boss Recovery_Station Over Horizon
45 Toccatic Ambience General Grunt Donkey Kong Country
46 dracula sucked away all my time to work on this track Ronin Op F Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
47 99% Water level Siolfor the Jackal F-Zero
48 For All the Marbles Mattmatatt Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
49 Flood of Power Delicious Nick Midnight Resistance [Genesis]
50 Just a Tree Spirit Trying to Chill packetpupper Dark Cloud 2
51 Neon Ocean tibonev
Outrun 3-D
52 The Black Wind Howls At the Showdown With Magus The Rocket Knights
Travis Snowberger
Chrono Trigger
53 15 Days UPA's Chocoband
Ian Martyn
Nicole Chang
Serrin's Toes
Shea's Violin
Siolfor the Jackal
Unknown Pseudartist
Treasure of the Rudras
54 Everything in Texas is on fire jentherose Castlevania
55 Library and Hallway Hijinx TheSoSoMusician Ghoul School
56 Falling to My // Bass Department Zachary Chapman Lunacid
57 Pimple and Cream Jinx
Kingdom Hearts
58 I Hate Myself and Want to Drive The Beauty of Grind R.C. Pro-Am
59 Athena's Form Shines dasaten Psycho Soldier
ALT All I Ever Wanted (Was to Sit in Ventrilo Playing DotA) Andromeda [unknown]
ALT We are Running in an Eternal Circle to Celebrate our Victory (on the Planet Funkotron) Bi Score
Ian Cowell
Carrie Wood
Persona 5
ALT Red Beans and Ristar bjkmenu Ristar
ALT Pollyanna (live) cacomistle Earthbound
ALT DoD is Old cacomistle Hypnospace Outlaw
ALT Weird AI Connor Engstrom
Prince uf Fartness
Yoshi's Island
Super Mario World
ALT Dr. Wily Stage Wah - Mega Man Doo darmock
Angry Polar Bear
Brandon L. Harnish
Cory Johnson
Eric's Little Shack
Ian Martyn
Lucas Guimaraes
Ronin Op F
Mega Man 2
ALT Seashell Mansion (demo) Dog Food For Bananas
Angry Polar Bear
Jake Helland
Ronin Op F
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019)
ALT The Revolution Will Be Dooted donut
Chrono Trigger
ALT Rivers in the Desert Earth Kid
Erika Richards
Persona 5
ALT Grief EndlessRepeat
Tsugunai Atonement
ALT This Battle, it's so... Decisive FlextoneJunkie Final Fantasy 6
ALT Koris, the Blues Cocoon Master Hashel Jade Cocoon
ALT Encounter! Ian Martyn
Christopher S. Perry
Sea of Stars
ALT Avec le piano ayant été soumis à du jamais vu Ian Martyn TripTrip
ALT When the Morning Comes Jett Swole
Earth Kid
Fate/Stay Night
ALT Juese Belmont (In Loving Memery of OLRemix) (original - Shael Riley) Jett Swole Castlevania
ALT Smells Like Bullshit Blazing Jett Swole Guilty Gear -Strive-
ALT If You Want To Pay (Watcher Island) JIM
Ronin Op F
Ian Martyn
Sea of Stars
ALT Megalovariations on D minor and other keys jnWake Undertale
ALT Plumber? I hardly know her! Lucas Guimaraes
Brandon L. Harnish
Sly Man
Chromatic Apparatus
Super Paper Mario
ALT Too busy playing F-Zero 99 to work on my main. Lucas Guimaraes
Siolfor the Jackal
Cory Johnson
Angry Polar Bear
Unknown Pseudoartist
F-Zero 99
ALT First! Lucas Guimaraes Baldur's Gate 3
ALT Gods? There are none. Lucas Guimaraes Chrono Cross
ALT House by the Cove (unfinished demo) Ronin Op F The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
ALT Forebode (demo) Ronin Op F The World Ends With You
ALT Theme A Siolfor the Jackal
Serrin's Toes
Soul in Sadness
ALT A Serious Answer The Anonymous DoD Contestant
Gamer Tag
Bi Score
Prince uf Fartness
Super Mario 64
ALT It's Called a Rainbow Road The World Wasn't Meant
Dr. Baby Boy
Zombie #3
Mario Kart: Double Dash
ALT Dance of Dolls Unknown Pseudoartist
Final Fantasy 7
ALT Light and Darkness Unknown Pseudoartist
ALT Battle Song 2 (inspired by another arrangement by Shiki Hyokura and lyrics by Alice Nine) UPA's Chocobland
Ian Martyn
Siolfor the Jackal
Unknown Pseudoartist
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals