June 2005: Free Month ZIP Archive of Songs

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 Light In the Fortress housethegrate Mega Man X
2 A Clockwork Vampire Dhsu Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
3 Atonement Darangen Chrono Trigger
4 Trans-Transylvanian Orchestra Ailsean
Chad Seiter
Victor Lawrence
Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
4 Cessation of Mammon Ashane
Chrono Trigger
6 Mass Exodus norg Ultima 3: Exodus
7 The Twelfth Commandment Midee
Final Fantasy 7
8 My T-Rex don't bite Gonzo Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
9 Doom Castle AudioFoundations Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
10 Mako Reaction Kadmium Final Fantasy 7
10 Ancestral Battle zephyon Lufia & the Fortress of Doom
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals
12 Snakeman Mash Pad Mega Man 3
13 Abagail ain't no pansy M-H
Final Fight
14 L zykO Super Mario Bros.
15 The Kompleat Kid Niki xoc Kid Niki
16 The Final Threshold Rexy Crash Twinsanity
17 Sorry, I'm Dead Ryan8bit Monster Party
18 Sonic Boom X coda Sonic CD
19 Let Me Live Again evilsonic Ecco the Dolphin
20 Descending into the Fray Forfallen
Ultima 3: Exodus
21 Mind your Ys and FFMQs Paragon Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
22 The Khrush Koelsch1 Jurassic Park [Genesis]
22 Hey, Where's My Map? tibonev Super Mario Bros. 3
24 The Aborted Gargantua Emptyeye Battletoads
25 Lonely Rolling Katamari Of Celestial Origin (Grief of Akumu) Good-Evil: The Band Katamari
26 Vile Zero Geohazard Mega Man X
27 Dedede's Wrath Shoe Kirby's Dreamland
28 Keeping The Tempo A.M.P. Journey to Silius
28 Overworlds Are Pretty Nario Final Fantasy 7
30 Passing of Time Binary 4
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
ALT A Loathing of Angels BornInCrimson Tales of Symphonia
ALT Another Wasted Summer Koelsch1 Knuckles' Chaotix
ALT Alfred's Last Day Natthimmel
ALT Basstroid: Zero Trebleion Paragon Metroid
ALT Flaming Peasant The We-used-to-have-long-hair Band Trogdor
ALT Red and Blue Balls tibonev Mega Man
ALT Dragon Warrior Radio Drama 2 XMark Dragon Warrior