Songs by dasaten

Play Name Game(s) Duel Rank
Across the Swamps to Belzed's Haunted Tower Aboard the Ship of Strife Kick Master September 2016: Free Month 13/15
Area D(aemon) Shatterhand May 2019: Daemon9623 Month 0/0
Area Four Loko Blaster Master: Overdrive October 2021: Wii Month 13/14
Athena's Form Shines Psycho Soldier September 2023: 20th Anniversary Month 59/59
Baby Shark Fight The Blue Marlin May 2020: Golf vs. Fishing Month ALT
Bad Event Final Fantasy 3 September 2020: Final Fantasy 3 Month ALT
Cloud Cave Hiryuu no Ken 2 August 2019: Free Month ALT
Cobra Beheaded G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor October 2016: Victory Month 8/10
Cracklin of the Sea Earthbound May 2016: Mother Month ALT
Dark Lord Exdeath Final Fantasy 5 June 2008: Boss vs. Hero Month 18/23
Data Pieced Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni June 2016: Free Month 20/21
Deepest Purple: Life and Death of a Space Pirate in Pursuit of Deadly Booty Super Metroid September 2016: Free Month ALT
Don't Forget Your Helmet Super Play Action Football April 2016: Fresh Month 18/18
Dr. Leo's Basement Soul Blazer June 2020: Robot Month 13/14
Fireball Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally February 2023: Mario Redux Month 37/39
I've got a Poopy Butt Super Mario World August 2021: Free Month ALT
Into the Abyss Shovel Knight April 2017: Free Month ALT
Let me Tell you a Secret Secret of Mana December 2007: Free Month 10/46
Mall Ninjutsu Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 February 2021: Shopping Month 20/20
Melodic Newt Lifeforce May 2008: Gradius Month 5/15
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED U.N. Squadron July 2016: Arcade Month 7/07
Musica Lonka Final Fantasy 5 September 2018: Legacy Month ALT
Ninjas Playing Gradius Gradius
Legend of the Mystical Ninja
May 2008: Gradius Month ALT
Now You're on a Power Play Pro Sport Hockey August 2019: Free Month 8/09
Promises to Creeps Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship of Doom July 2018: Intro Month ALT
Rites of an Empress in Waiting Seiken Densetsu 3 August 2021: Free Month 32/37
Save the Village, Save the World Actraiser
Illusion of Gaia
February 2009: Free Month 19/25
Sinister Minister Blumpkin's Palace Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom September 2021: PointNClick Month 12/13
sorcerian.nsf Sorcerian November 2017: Koshiro Month 6/06
Staff Roll Cyber Stadium Series: Base Wars June 2020: Robot Month ALT
Sticky Portrait of Michiru Yamane Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin December 2008: Sidescrollers Month 35/35
Take the W Train (To Station 3) Mega Man 10 February 2011: Level 3 Month 10/10
The Powell Pocket: What is it? Can you stay in it?? Let's Find Out! Seiken Densetsu 3 September 2018: Legacy Month 22/25
The Ultimate Showdown of 8Bit History Metroid January 2010: Joke Songs Month 4/12
Tony Hawksbill Turtle Skater 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game January 2021: Brevity Month 21/40
Vs. 1984 Donkey Kong
Hogan's Alley
Mario Bros.
Duck Hunt
May 2009: Free Month ALT
Walking the Racoon Dog (Age of the Party Whistle) Legend of the Mystical Ninja June 2006: Goemon Games Month 5/08
Ysy Listening Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys July 2011: Free Month 13/13

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