Songs by Hat

Play Name Game(s) Duel Rank
(The Delicate Affection in) Sisterly Love Secret of Mana November 2005: Mana Month 9/14
2B (or not after the Return) Radiant Silvergun October 2015: Time Travel Month 9/09
3-Way Final Fantasy Tactics September 2015: PSX Month 5/06
A Gift From God! Final Fantasy Tactics January 2009: Joke Songs Month 2/07
Adventures in Battlerock Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy August 2017: Space Month 1/07
Answer Me (From The Beginning) Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse January 2017: Brevity Month 7/35
Balrog (Vega In Disguise) Street Fighter 2 September 2005: Free Month 3/27
Bat of Persuasion Mythgard April 2019: Free Month 3/15
Bob-omb Saddlefield Super Mario 64 January 2019: Brevity Month 1/20
Bust-a-Bobble Bust-a-Move March 2010: Free Month 13/22
But You Can't Tuna Head. Maniac Mansion January 2013: Free Month 10/12
Celtic Diddy Donkey Kong Country September 2009: Rareware Month 5/13
Chambers of Steel Pinball Fantasies February 2017: Pinball Month 9/09
Cool Ryu Street Fighter 2 June 2014: Ryu Theme Month 3/05
Credit Where Credit's Due Super Mario Bros. 3 September 2010: Free Month 3/18
Deeply Troubled Italian Plumber (Come raggio di sol) Super Mario 3D World October 2017: Free Month 12/15
Do You Remember? Final Fantasy Tactics October 2012: Free Month 6/16
Doki Doki Panic (And Mario Too) Super Mario Bros. 2 July 2005: Mario Month 4/22
Dosado Mario Super Mario World March 2007: Free Month ALT
Drac's Crib Castlevania: Symphony of the Night May 2009: Free Month ALT
Droppin' Tetris October 2009: Gameboy Games Month 8/10
Fate Final Fantasy 12 August 2023: Hitoshi Sakimoto Month 8/20
Fire at the Disco Super Crush KO January 2023: Brevity Month 21/58
For His Majesty's Secret Service For The King July 2018: Intro Month 2/08
Free Too for Mother Earthbound May 2016: Mother Month 9/13
Gee, Piranha Plants Sure Are Swell! Super Mario Bros. Wonder January 2024: Brevity Month 5/50
Get to Town Soul Blazer November 2007: Enix Games Month 5/12
Homesick for DoD NieR Re[in]carnation September 2023: 20th Anniversary Month 14/59
In Portlandia and used on Pet Sounds Fossil Hunters June 2022: Fresh Month 8/27
Insert Disk 2 Hero's Quest
Conquest of Camelot
Bard's Tale 2
August 2007: PC Games Month 7/19
Jared and his New Accomplice Road 96 August 2021: Free Month 35/37
Jazz...Jazz never Changes. Fallout 4 July 2017: Free Month 11/17
Just The Tipp Ring Fit Adventure January 2020: Brevity Month 12/21
La Orilla Sid Meier's Pirates!
World Games [C64]
July 2012: Free Month ALT
Last... and Long Forgotten The Last Ninja May 2010: Ninja Month 3/07
Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Dragon Quest 5 September 2018: Legacy Month 3/25
Low Cost Housing Block Party Jones in the Fast Lane January 2015: Dance Party Month 29/35
Manifesting Aliens (How Do I Save My Game????) NieR: Automata March 2018: Free Month 2/15
Nocturne (Bring Me To Night) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night March 2017: SotN Month 10/10
Obligatory Free Mons Final Fantathy VII Entry Final Fantasy 7 February 2024: Free Month 27/35
Olberic (Team Pixels) Octopath Traveler December 2018: Pixels vs. Polygons Month ALT
On His Majesty Louis XVI's Secret Service (Pierreā€™s Theme) Ambition: A Minuet in Power January 2022: Brevity Month 8/33
Over World Super Mario World September 2012: Unplugged Month 3/10
Puck Me Pac-Man February 2009: Free Month 21/25
Punchline Bard's Tale 2 August 2007: PC Games Month ALT
Quest Quest for Glory July 2013: Sierra Month ALT
Rellax Parallax September 2013: 10th Anniversary Month 43/53
Rock Mega Man 2 March 2008: Sci-fi Games Month 16/16
Rosalina Reminiscing Super Mario Galaxy February 2023: Mario Redux Month 8/39
Safe From Sushi (For Now) Twinkle Star Sprites April 2016: Fresh Month 14/18
Short Horizons Animal Crossing: New Horizons January 2021: Brevity Month 24/40
Sonic Depths (original - Ashane, norg) Super Mario 64 August 2011: Recover Month 4/15
Spoiler Alert (You Didn't Win!) Waku Waku 7 March 2016: Brevity Month 33/34
Standing Outside a Cardboard Box With A Broken Codec In My Hand Metal Gear Solid March 2006: Metal Gear Month 3/13
Steal Heart Final Fantasy Tactics February 2006: Free Month 12/25
Tango in the Sewer Chrono Trigger March 2019: Uematsu Month 4/09
The 20 Minute Bard's Tale II Trumpet Duet Medley Bard's Tale 2 May 2006: Free Month ALT
The Band Star Wars [Movie] December 2015: Star Wars Month 7/10
The Cool Path Seiken Densetsu 3 December 2005: RPGs Month 11/24
The Legend of Jogiya Legend of Zelda June 2013: Free Month 10/18
The Results Are In (and You're Obese) Wii Fit August 2015: Satoru Iwata Month 8/13
The Wind That Shakes Da Marley Chrono Trigger October 2011: Free Month 9/15
The Woodshedding Partita Castlevania: Symphony of the Night July 2011: Free Month 7/13
Thinking Outside of the Ring Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing February 2010: Sports Games Month 5/07
Tifa Final Fantasy 7 November 2023: Final Fantasy Month 16/31
Time Management Brix November 2011: Puzzle Month ALT
Ultimate Battle Plants vs. Zombies May 2022: Battle Month 5/26
Under The Stars Final Fantasy Tactics January 2018: Brevity Month 2/18
Unmuted Arab City F-Zero April 2009: 8-bit vs. 16-bit Month ALT
Waltz of the Lost Portrait Castlevania: Symphony of the Night October 2006: Sega Month 4/17
Well, That's Over Dishonored July 2021: Vocal Month 14/28
Yeah Buddy (Check 'Em Out) Final Fantasy Tactics June 2015: Jazz Month 5/14
You Guys Pho King Asked For It Street Fighter 2
Mega Man 2
December 2012: M11 - Konami vs. Capcom Month 16/29
Your Mom Uridium January 2014: Brevity Month 27/39

Songs featuring Hat

Play Name Game(s) Other Artist(s) Duel Rank
Child Final Fantasy Tactics Glove December 2009: Free Month 15/37
Corrido of Time Chrono Trigger Surbhu Samdani July 2022: Mitsuda Month 7/26
Dr. Wily Stage Wah - Mega Man Doo Mega Man 2 darmock
Angry Polar Bear
Brandon Harnish
Cory Johnson
Eric from Eric's Little Shack
Ian Martyn
Lucas Guimaraes
Ronin Op F
September 2023: 20th Anniversary Month ALT
evtheriwhegt Pong
Kingdom of Loathing
viovis December 2010: Free Month 31/32
Exciting Last Place Brevity Month Entry (Part 1) Mecarobot Golf Openium
January 2017: Brevity Month 34/35
Exciting Last Place Brevity Month Entry (Part 2) Mecarobot Golf Openium
January 2017: Brevity Month ALT
Exciting Last Place Brevity Month Entry (ultimate cut) Mecarobot Golf Openium
January 2017: Brevity Month ALT
Forever Rachel (High Quality Rip) Final Fantasy 6 pingosimon
January 2017: Brevity Month ALT
Lawn of the Dead Plants vs. Zombies Glove June 2010: Free Month 5/19
Now You're A Hero! You Have To Burn The Rope viovis July 2012: Free Month ALT
Pascal NieR: Automata Beret
September 2018: Legacy Month 24/25
Still Alive Portal Button July 2012: Free Month 10/13
The Long Lost Floppies Leisure Suit Larry 4 Matt The Flying Banana
Kim James Ill
November 2006: Free Month 1/27
The Masters of the 90's (U Rappin') (Team 90s) PaRappa the Rapper Beret December 2016: 80s vs 90s Month 30/37
WB bought out MDHR (in the 1940's) Cuphead Beret December 2017: Multiplayer Month 3/06
Windy Chrono Trigger KSU Jazz Ensemble April 2012: Free Month 5/13