Songs by ansgaros

Play Name Game(s) Duel Rank
A New Dawn Ys 1: Ancient Ys Vanished March 2009: Ys Month 4/11
All I Had Time for Was This Lousy Alt :( Sonic the Hedgehog 2 September 2013: 10th Anniversary Month ALT
Brain Shuffle Final Fantasy 5
Metal Gear
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals
Super Street Fighter 2
Mega Man 2
Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
September 2013: 10th Anniversary Month 7/53
Cradel of Forest Silent Hill 4: The Room September 2006: Silent Hill Month 1/07
Cyclops and Storm Lose, Juggernaut Wins X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes
September 2008: Superhero Games Month 1/09
Dangerous Territory Lifeforce
Gradius 2
May 2008: Gradius Month 3/15
Dragon Saber Dragon Saber November 2006: Free Month 3/27
Fall of Garuda Shadow of the Ninja July 2008: Free Month 1/23
Fire and Stuff Lords of Thunder June 2010: Free Month 9/19
Fire Still Burns in My Frozen Heart Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys December 2013: MAGFest Month 8/35
Five-Finger Discount Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys March 2009: Ys Month ALT
Heated Standstill Chrono Cross May 2007: Fire vs. Ice Month 7/23
HOOOOO!! King of Dragons February 2014: Beat 'Em Up Month 1/19
Ice Hole Dragon Saber August 2009: Free Month 5/25
Irresistible Force Contra
Contra: Hard Corps
Super C
Contra Force
April 2007: Contra Month 1/08
Kefka Gets Decisive Final Fantasy 6 December 2007: Free Month 4/46
Liberate Parasite Eve February 2006: Free Month 7/25
Mastering the Blaster Blaster Master November 2013: Blaster Master Month 1/13
Oh, books Castlevania: Symphony of the Night March 2017: SotN Month 3/10
Omnis brutalis lacrima Final Fantasy 15 February 2020: Shimomura Month 3/08
Prepare for Death Castlevania: Bloodlines July 2009: Password Games Month 2/17
Quite the Adventure Final Fantasy Adventure June 2013: Free Month 3/18
Seiren Thunder Force 3 December 2008: Sidescrollers Month ALT
Somber Dimensions Faxanadu
Final Fantasy 5
Chrono Trigger
Tecmo World Wrestling
Ninja Gaiden
Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones
September 2005: Free Month 5/27
Terror Land Mario Party 2 January 2014: Brevity Month 8/39
To Reminisce is to Relive Journey to Silius
Batman [NES]
Bionic Commando
Werewolf: The Last Warrior
December 2008: Sidescrollers Month 9/35
What's in a Curse? Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse April 2023: Free Month 3/40
Whip and Fish Contra: Hard Corps April 2007: Contra Month ALT
Who Was I Again? Flashback March 2014: Sunsoft Month 2/15

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