Songs from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Play Name Artist(s) Duel Rank
A Link To The Blast! CrebleStar May 2015: Free Month 9/25
Bloodshed in the Rotten Wood Paragon March 2005: Free Month 26/35
Castle Made of Rock! TransINSANO
August 2009: Free Month 23/25
Cuckoo for Dinner ryanisfootdrums December 2010: Free Month 24/32
Dark World Kadmium May 2006: Free Month 13/27
DarkWorld-OverWorld tibonev
Reuben Spiers
July 2019: ZeldaRedux Month 5/07
DarkWorldSong pingosimon March 2007: Free Month ALT
Drunk Fairies's Fountain Cyan May 2014: Water Month 15/17
Dungeons to Explore PokérusVGM April 2014: Free Month 7/19
End of the Road DragnBreth October 2011: Free Month 14/15
Falling Clouds in the Golden Land (Past) mithius August 2010: Past vs Future Month 4/09
Game House (Recorded January 21, 2006) Cory Johnson May 2021: Minigames Month ALT
Game House (Recorded May 27, 2021) Cory Johnson May 2021: Minigames Month ALT
Great Fairy's Fountain atomic July 2004: Zelda Month 6/08
I den Svarte Skogen Harjawaldar
April 2009: 8-bit vs. 16-bit Month 5/18
I Put on my Tunic and Master Sword M-H November 2006: Free Month 5/27
Ingen ting varer evig Harjawaldar April 2017: Free Month 23/23
Kakariko Fried Chicken The Post-MAG Hatchet Murders
Michael Hoffmann
March 2016: Brevity Month ALT
Link's High School Prom Night Eric's Little Shack July 2004: Zelda Month 2/08
Majestic Hills Harjawaldar April 2008: Free Month 20/25
Raining at Hyrule Castle (Team 90s) WillRock December 2016: 80s vs 90s Month 5/37
Speed Running A Link To The Past WillRock January 2023: Brevity Month 6/58
Take a Guess cacomistle July 2023: Silent Protagonists Month ALT
Thanks, Josh! Czyszy July 2019: ZeldaRedux Month ALT
The Leftover Japchae Newmajoe July 2023: Silent Protagonists Month ALT
Unsealed CarboHydroM September 2005: Free Month 2/27
Utopia Harjawaldar May 2009: Free Month 2/22
Vacancy at Kakariko Hydrasphere September 2018: Legacy Month 17/25
You've Been Turned into a Rabbit pingosimon January 2021: Brevity Month ALT

Medleys featuring Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past