December 2018: Pixels vs. Polygons Month ZIP Archive of Songs Listening Party Log

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 Rhyme of the Ancient mARRRRRiner (Team Pixels) Prince uf Darkness
Max Noel
Connor Engstrom
The Tiberian Sons
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
2 Takes Two To Tag (Team Polygons) Ivan Hakštok Tekken Tag Tournament 2
3 Rage (Team Polygons) newip Quake 2
4 Katamari of Love (Team Polygons) LONELYROLLINGSTARS
Katamari Damacy
5 Our Ancient Sunrise (Team Polygons) celtzcaneddie Horizon: Zero Dawn
6 Oppa Ganryu Style (Team Polygons) Powellman Tekken 2
7 Prisoners Of Disco: Getaway from 2010s (Team Pixels) Claude D. Prisoners Of War
8 255 Battles with the Cursed Shield (Team Pixels) Epic Game Music Final Fantasy 6
9 Jackal Stage 2 (Team Pixels) pingosimon Jackal
10 The Demonic Chronic (Team Pixels) zykO Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
11 Animal Friends (Team Polygons) Katajun Ape Escape
Crash Bandicoot
Spyro the Dragon
12 Giftpia (Team Polygons) mithius
Brandon Strader
13 Jester Revolution (Team Pixels) Cyril the Wolf Deltarune
14 Shirou of Justice (Team Pixels) Jett Swole Fate/Stay Night
15 Foxes and Boxes (Team Pixels) Czyszy Rikki & Vikki
16 Bay Area (Team Pixels) LethalMelody Mighty Final Fight
17 Inchindown Oil Paint (I have Seen the yellow paint) (Team Pixels) jmr Mario Paint
18 passing breeze (wip) (Team Pixels) tibonev OutRun
ALT Aloy's Theme (Team Polygons) celtzcaneddie Horizon: Zero Dawn
ALT Queen Zeal's Bedroom (Team Pixels) Cyril the Wolf Chrono Trigger
ALT MM7 has the best soundtrack. NOT! (Team Pixels) Czyszy Mega Man 7
ALT Stage Select Sandwich (Team Pixels) Czyszy Mega Man
ALT Lame Yodel Zone (Team Pixels) Czyszy Sonic the Hedgehog
ALT Skulls, Man (Team Pixels) Daemon9623 Mega Man 4
ALT Olberic (Team Pixels) Hat Octopath Traveler
ALT Personal Jaws (Team Pixels) LethalMelody Castlevania
ALT Steelback's Hideaway (Team Pixels) LethalMelody Darkwing Duck
ALT Forest of Elrond (Team Pixels) LethalMelody Wizards & Warriors
ALT Jackal Stage 2 (yOu ShOuLd PlAy wiTH moRe FeELinG mix) (Team Pixels) pingosimon Jackal
ALT Kill Shot (Team Pixels) zykO Battletoads