Songs by Claude D.

Play Name Game(s) Duel Rank
Back To The Soviets! Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 October 2015: Time Travel Month 3/09
Boozin' in Mos Eisley Star Wars [Movie] December 2015: Star Wars Month 1/10
Cluck'em All, God'll Sort'em! Revenge of The Chicken: First Wave April 2016: Fresh Month 2/18
Crabb-n-Bowl Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers February 2015: Brevity Month ALT
Dude, Where's My Horse? Gun.Smoke March 2016: Brevity Month 2/34
F.O.W.L. Music Band Rehearsal Darkwing Duck May 2015: Free Month 3/25
Fight, Fight, Mega Man (Is Zaz a fan of Mega Man?) Mega Man 2 July 2015: MM2 vs MM3 Month ALT
Ghost of Consequences Ghosts 'n Goblins
June 2016: Free Month 14/21
Les Cuisses de Grenouilles: Manouche mashup Battletoads & Double Dragon [NES] April 2015: Battletoads Month 1/12
Lone Ranger with Balloons of Steel Balloon Fight August 2015: Satoru Iwata Month 3/13
Man, You'll Be The Sparkman Soon Mega Man 3 July 2015: MM2 vs MM3 Month 3/09
Oscuro Ala Pato: Moliarty Torre Darkwing Duck October 2014: Free Month 1/16
Palm Tree of Happiness Banana Prince January 2017: Brevity Month 11/35
Prisoners Of Disco: Getaway from 2010s (Team Pixels) Prisoners Of War December 2018: Pixels vs. Polygons Month 7/18
Rehearsing with Mettaton!!! Undertale June 2020: Robot Month 5/14
Rockford's Vacation in France Boulder Dash [NES] June 2015: Jazz Month 3/14
Saturns The Drunk Earthbound May 2016: Mother Month 4/13
Sewer Twist Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 January 2015: Dance Party Month ALT
Siberian Offroad Winner Jackal February 2015: Brevity Month 11/32
Simon's Dance Castlevania January 2015: Dance Party Month 30/35
Smoke on the Jungle P.O.W.: Prisoners of War March 2015: SNK Month 2/06
Speed Metal Chase Batman Returns [NES] November 2014: Batman Month 14/17
Tengenius Brickdance Tetris (Tengen) October 2016: Victory Month 4/10
Terry Taylor's Yeast Wheat Beer Neverhood March 2016: Brevity Month ALT
When You're Gone (Reprise) Silent Hill: Shattered Memories November 2015: Free Month 16/20
«Hellish New Junk Reggae For a Bad Guy» Earthworm Jim December 2019: 1994 Month 21/24
«Tornado Of Tales» Undertale April 2021: Free Month 13/43

Songs featuring Claude D.