April 2017: Free Month ZIP Archive of Songs Listening Party Log YouTube Playlist Lyrics

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 Lellar Stight M-H Eschatos
2 Funky Female Ninja Karl Brueggemann Legend of the Mystical Ninja
3 Pharaoh's Mysteries GamBit DuckTales 2
4 Inside the Spaceship Creepue Journey to Silius
5 One-Hundred-Meter Wave Affection State Battletoads
6 Synthetic Blade TwoJan Power Blade 2
7 Altaïr Ibn-Ma'Ass Sagnewshreds
Assassin's Creed
8 The Decisive Battle pingosimon Final Fantasy 5
9 Piece for Piano x3 Shipluss Undertale
10 Diamond Dust PokérusVGM Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
11 Wrath of The Whirlwind Rydeen Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master
12 1000 Notes Ivan Hakštok Final Fantasy X-2
13 Shatter My Heart Boroda-kun Shatterhand
14 The Place We Called Home Scrab Cakes Final Fantasy 7
15 Lost In Space newip Battletoads & Double Dragon [SNES]
16 Leap of Faith Careless Juja
Brandon Strader
Final Fantasy 6
17 Golden Axe 3 (Metal Medley) DEMON ShineGami Golden Axe 3
18 Safe celtzcaneddie Nantettatte Baseball
19 Snow Field Blues valence Contra
20 Closer to You Daemon9623 Misty Blue
21 Bubbler Bobble cetera Bubble Bobble
22 Angel Island's Ocean Palace Reuben Spiers Sonic the Hedgehog 3
23 Ingen ting varer evig Harjawaldar Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
ALT Out celtzcaneddie Nantettatte Baseball
ALT Big Nose Goes ALL LIVE Czyszy Big Nose Freaks Out
ALT I can't improvise on the axe for sh*t but at least the backing track is decent, right? RIGHT? Czyszy Delta
The Great Giana Sisters
ALT Strange Memories of the Moon Czyszy Gimmick!
ALT Cloudy With No Chance of Getting to the Podium, so I'll submit this as an ALT Czyszy Mega Man 7
ALT Metal Hakśtok Advance 2: Panic in Streifigland Czyszy Metal Slug Advance
ALT Closer to You (Instrumental Ver) Daemon9623 Misty Blue
ALT Into the Abyss dasaten Shovel Knight
ALT Lost In Space Pt.2 newip Battletoads & Double Dragon [SNES]