June 2023: Wild West Month ZIP Archive of Songs Lyrics

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 Rib Eye Rodeo Insane Cup Posse
Ronin Op F
Zachary Chapman
Ian Martyn
2 Silver Runs Dry Shea's Violin Octopath Traveler 2
3 High Clive jnWake
Gunman Clive 2
4 Doghouse of the Kowboy Kop darmock
Angry Polar Bear
Shea's Violin
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
5 Opening Credits - HBO's West of Loathing Daniel Caton West of Loathing
6 High Noon Heist Biggoron
Cory Johnson
Lethal Enforcers 2: Gun Fighters
7 Not-So-Quick Draw Cory Johnson
Lucas Guimaraes
Kirby's Adventure
8 The Epic of Bandito Chinchilla Gamer Tag
Brandon L. Harnish
Brendan Agnew
Cameron Asato
Finny Jacob Zeleny
Ian Martyn
Thrillville: Off the Rails
9 Dozing Off Into The Sunset valence Wild Guns
10 Unshaken Extrinzic Red Dead Redemption 2
11 Wildcat Whiskey evilsonic
Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
12 Spooky Scary Stick Figures The Tonberries
CeCe Ennui
Jake Helland
Scrab Cakes
Melancholy Robot
West of Loathing
13 There Will Be Wild Arms Lucas Guimaraes Wild ARMs
14 Venomous American Pigs Skyguide Red Dead Redemption 2
15 Rootin' and Tootin' RAINBOWRAT
Barbie: Vacation Adventure
16 Into the Wilderness (Spaghetti Metal Arrangement) TheSoSoMusician Wild ARMs
17 Die A Die UPA's Chocoband
Jett Swole
Unknown Pseudoartist
Live A Live
18 Courage in Fonky Town bjkmenu Wild ARMs
19 This town ain't blabla you know the script BadHairlineProductions Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
20 Shot of Sarsaparilla cacomistle Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II
21 La SEGAnge tibonev Wanted
22 Always Running Zachary Chapman
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
23 Thank You Nice Boys itsamedaddio Sunset Riders
24 May I, Unshaken (Low) Diego Fortuna Red Dead Redemption 2
25 Rootinest Tootinest Errybody Done Shootin' Us The Beauty of Grind Back to the Future Part 2
Back to the Future Part 3
Rockin' Kats
ALT Decayed Running Spirit bjkmenu Wild ARMs
ALT Five Graves cacomistle Kirby's Adventure
ALT This Must Be the Place evilsonic
Gunple: Gunman's Proof
ALT Samuel's Theme Ian Martyn
The Smoke Room
ALT Into the Wilderness Ian Martyn
Wild ARMs
ALT There's noseflute in them thar hills! Ian Martyn
Wild ARMs
ALT Dillon's Rolling Piano Roll: II. Presto Ian Martyn Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
ALT Dillon's Rolling Piano Roll: I. Largo Ian Martyn Dillon's Rolling Western
ALT I Need More Cowboy itsamedaddio Gun.Smoke
ALT Sunrise at the Arcade itsamedaddio Stardew Valley
ALT Oregon Fail TWWM Presents
Dr. Baby Boy
Zombie #3
Oregon Trail 2
ALT My All, For You valence Gunple: Gunman's Proof
ALT Always 34518'ing Zachary Chapman
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2