Songs by valence

Play Name Game(s) Duel Rank
A Beautiful Day For Trade Breath of Fire February 2020: Shimomura Month 7/08
A Little Light In The Darkness The Darkness November 2022: Licensed Games Month 10/24
A One Take Slice of Mario 3 Super Mario Bros. 3 March 2016: Brevity Month 20/34
A Peaceful Welcome Shining in the Darkness July 2020: Shining Month 6/07
Almost Open For Business! Recettear: An Item's Shop Tale February 2021: Shopping Month 18/20
Asleep in a Dream Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening September 2022: Game Boy Month 11/23
Batman's Train Wreck Batman: Return of the Joker [NES] November 2014: Batman Month 15/17
Before, In Those Peaceful Days Chrono Trigger July 2022: Mitsuda Month 17/26
Blackjack Takes Flight Final Fantasy 6 June 2017: Kain Month 0/00
Blue Byuu Bahamut Lagoon April 2019: Free Month 11/15
Calm During the Storm Final Fantasy 9 October 2017: Free Month 11/15
Cruisin' to the Mansion Street Cleaner: The Video Game January 2021: Brevity Month 34/40
Dearest Princess Yoyo Bahamut Lagoon August 2022: Free Month 18/25
Demon in the Fortress 7th Saga May 2015: Free Month 20/25
Down a Forbidden Path (Team 90s) Seiken Densetsu 3 December 2016: 80s vs 90s Month 32/37
Down and Dirty Dudes Bad Dudes October 2018: Data East Month 5/05
Dreaming Before Destiny Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time March 2022: Nintendo 64 Month 14/25
Filthy Organics (I.D.K.W.I.D) B.O.B. June 2020: Robot Month ALT
Flash In the Pan Man Mega Man 2 April 2014: Free Month 19/19
Galaxily Lounging Around Mega Man 9 August 2017: Space Month 6/07
Goodbye, Schala Chrono Trigger September 2014: Chrono Trigger vs. Final Fantasy VI Month 14/14
Holy Bad Mix Batman!!! Batman: Return of the Joker [NES] December 2013: MAGFest Month 35/35
How Charming! Revengers of Vengeance December 2021: Free Month 30/32
Into the Bountiful Forest King's Quest 7 September 2021: PointNClick Month 6/13
Journey To Planet SR388 Metroid 2: Return of Samus February 2022: MetroidRedux Month 20/25
Let's Go For A Walk Instead Quest 64 May 2022: Battle Month 18/26
Life, All Around You A Story About My Uncle April 2021: Free Month 38/43
Love Means Nothing (In Anything) Mario Tennis August 2014: Motoi Sakuraba Month 10/10
Napping With Butterflies Dark Cloud 2 April 2022: Free Month 19/32
Oh! A Lovely Interlude! Revengers of Vengeance January 2022: Brevity Month 31/33
Oh! A Lovely Interlude! (Radio Edit) Revengers of Vengeance January 2022: Brevity Month ALT
Origins Terranigma July 2018: Intro Month ALT
Our Reunion Mystic Ark June 2022: Fresh Month 13/27
Peach's Chromatic Nightmare Mario Kart 64 July 2014: Free Month 22/24
Pleasant Voyage Runescape May 2017: Europe Month 11/14
Quick Treasure Grab King of Dragons July 2017: Free Month 17/17
Running Errands In Town and Then Back To The Castle! (What A Wonderful Day!) Final Fantasy 3
Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy
January 2020: Brevity Month 11/21
Rusted Metal Wasteland Final Fantasy 7 August 2013: Desert Month 9/09
Simple Europe Terranigma September 2013: 10th Anniversary Month 39/53
Simply Green Terranigma September 2018: Legacy Month 19/25
Sleepy Seaport Terranigma April 2020: Free Month 15/20
Slippery When Wet Mega Man 9 November 2015: Free Month 9/20
Snow Field Blues Contra April 2017: Free Month 19/23
Somebody Needs a Hug SimCity 2000 October 2022: Maxis Month 9/13
Summer Chill Lisa: The Painful November 2021: Crowdfunded Games Month 19/22
Summer's Eternal Blues Earthbound May 2016: Mother Month 8/13
Take The High Road Lost Kingdoms 2 November 2016: GameCube Month 10/10
The Crow's Lullaby Hunt: Showdown July 2021: Vocal Month 20/28
The Unloved Ones Double Dragon 2: The Revenge February 2014: Beat 'Em Up Month 18/19
Time Has a Chill Corridor Chrono Trigger June 2016: Free Month 18/21
Trumpy Tonics Travel Time! Everquest January 2017: Brevity Month 30/35
Wait, Where Are We Going? Final Fantasy 8 June 2015: Jazz Month 9/14
Wandering Immortals Lost Odyssey June 2021: VGLS Month 11/18
Wanna Fight? Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones January 2019: Brevity Month 19/20

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