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It's Licensed Games Month!

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Congratulations to The Stop Making Sims Tour, evilsonic, ErichWK, Angry Polar Bear, Cory Johnson, Andromeda, atomic, DregsHeartRender, Ian Martyn, Biggoron, Luna Rabbit, Extrinzic, TheManPF and Zachary Chapman for getting top 3 in Maxis month! Woohoo!

The theme for November is Licensed Games! The games that fit this month's theme are any game that was made out of a licensed property, such as a movie, comic book, novel, toy, or television show! Any original music from these games is acceptable for entry, but you cannot just submit theme songs from shows or movies if those appear on the game soundtrack. Your submission must be a cover of any original music written for the game.

Wikipedia has you covered if you need inspiration!

This month's banner art was created by Katajun!

Rule Updates

Alternate entries have always been a great way to submit an extra tune for the theme without being voted on. There have been so many great Alternate entries each month over the past year! However, in order to still give everyone a shot at their alts being noticed, we are limiting the number of alts one artist can submit per month to 5.

We also have a Patreon for this site, with the main focus being raising money for monthly banner art (including this month)! Please consider contributing and helping support this VGM community! Subscribers get a sneak peek at upcoming banner art and a special role in our Discord server, along with a private channel for sneak peeks behind the DoD curtain.

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