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It's Spinoffs Month!

Spinoff Month Banner

Congratulations to the teams behind "Super Mario '69", "Super Mario Odysseylandbros. 69", and "Boomerang Bros International Airlines Is Clear For DeKARTure" (big teams!) for getting top 3 in Mario Redux Month! Wahoo!

The theme for March was voted on by our Patrons, and it is Spinoffs!

For this theme, an applicable spinoff game is defined by two rules:

  1. A spinoff is a game based on another game series that has a marked change in gameplay (e.g. Pokemon Snap is a spinoff from the main Pokemon series and would count)

  2. Only the first game of this spinoff series counts (e.g. New Pokemon Snap would not count since it is a continuation of the existing series)

Please feel free to ask questions by using our Anonymous Discord Bot or by PMing an Overlord on Discord!

This month's banner art was created by darmock!

Rule Updates

Alternate entries have always been a great way to submit an extra tune for the theme without being voted on. There have been so many great Alternate entries each month over the past year! However, in order to still give everyone a shot at their alts being noticed, we are limiting the number of alts one artist can contribute to or submit per month to 5.

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