Songs by Mattmatatt

Play Name Game(s) Duel Rank
A Buster With Attitude Deltarune June 2021: VGLS Month ALT
Beware the Forest Polka Super Mario RPG February 2020: Shimomura Month ALT
Boom Goes the Dynamite Dynamite Headdy December 2019: 1994 Month 16/24
Copy of a Copy NieR: Automata June 2020: Robot Month 2/14
Crossing the Moon DuckTales August 2021: Free Month 15/37
Dangerous Mathematics Zero Divide October 2020: Launch Titles Month 5/11
Dig Shovel Knight November 2021: Crowdfunded Games Month 2/22
Downswell That Ends Well (Team PC) Downwell December 2020: PC vs Console Month 23/27
Final Opening: The Third Final Fantasy 3 September 2020: Final Fantasy 3 Month 5/17
Full Steam Ahead! Mickey's Speedway USA March 2022: Nintendo 64 Month 5/25
Funky Rocket Rocket Knight Adventures November 2020: Jazz vs. Funk Month 12/20
Gnarlin Marlin The Blue Marlin May 2020: Golf vs. Fishing Month 3/15
It's My Mario Party and I Can Cry If I Want To Mario Party July 2022: Mitsuda Month 5/26
Kirby Ate All the Candy Kirby Super Star January 2022: Brevity Month 17/33
KK Metamorphosis Animal Crossing: New Leaf March 2021: Animal Crossing Month 10/17
One Man's Space Junk is Another Plumber's Treasure Super Mario Galaxy October 2021: Wii Month 1/14
Pac-Man 2: 1 Guitar Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures April 2020: Free Month 14/20
Rocket Knightcore Just Kidding Unless Rocket Knight Adventures January 2020: Brevity Month 10/21
Salad Ballad Double Dragon Neon July 2021: Vocal Month 7/28
SALE Undertale February 2021: Shopping Month ALT
Shop (US Import Version) Part Time UFO February 2021: Shopping Month 4/20
Skanic Smonked Cranck Sonic the Hedgehog 2 April 2021: Free Month 26/43
Soon May the Jumperman Come Super Mario Bros. January 2021: Brevity Month 16/40
Toy Piano Gargoyles Dark Souls April 2022: Free Month 26/32
Vampire Was Killed Through the Power of Song Castlevania December 2021: Free Month 29/32
WIIIIIIIiiIiiIii Wii February 2021: Shopping Month ALT

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