Songs from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Play Name Artist(s) Duel Rank
'99 Saturday Afternoon Duo Demo: DON'T LET THE BAND KNOW evilsonic
Saturday Afternoon Duo
March 2022: Nintendo 64 Month ALT
Coillte Stoirmeacha Na Daoine Laghairt
Ian Martyn
Ronin Op F
April 2022: Free Month 14/32
Cow-Ridin' Joe RAINBOWRAT May 2021: Minigames Month ALT
Dreaming Before Destiny valence March 2022: Nintendo 64 Month 14/25
en el valle de la muerte zykO December 2011: Nintendo vs. Sega Month 4/22
Enter The Temple Eponymized March 2010: Free Month 16/22
Fairy Fountain (Team 90s) Adam Driskell December 2016: 80s vs 90s Month 33/37
Friday Night In Hyrule - We used to play together (Fairyations on A Theme) Sybil Grace March 2022: Nintendo 64 Month 12/25
Ganondorf's Mini-Medley Artificial Fear December 2010: Free Month 29/32
Gerudo Berudo TheBigSpoon January 2014: Brevity Month 32/39
Gerudo Valley flyinghippo December 2007: Free Month ALT
Great Fairy Rag Jessica Gould January 2023: Brevity Month 15/58
Gypsi 64 Hydrasphere December 2007: Free Month ALT
Halloween Kokiri Discoteca Koko Loco Koelsch1 October 2010: Forest Month 11/13tie
Hey Saria how YOU doin Seifer July 2004: Zelda Month 3/08
Hey! Don't Listen! Unknown Pseudoartist March 2022: Nintendo 64 Month ALT
Hylian Dawn evilsonic July 2021: Vocal Month 17/28
Hyrule Paradise (Past) Rayth Xelos August 2010: Past vs Future Month 9/09
Late Stage Rupee Capitalism Triple B Music August 2022: Free Month 11/25
Lonely Link (extreme vulgarity) Hydrasphere January 2010: Joke Songs Month 3/12
Lost In The God Damn Woods HellWill January 2015: Dance Party Month 32/35
Lost Minuet Breathless By Fire October 2010: Forest Month 13/13tie
Lost Woods Artificial Fear October 2010: Forest Month 8/13tie
Lost Woods bye YA US
October 2008: Free Month ALT
Lullaby Bobby Winston?!
December 2007: Free Month ALT
Magic Princess Koelsch1
December 2010: Free Month 29/32
Ocarina of Time Intro will8bitx January 2022: Brevity Month 33/33
OMG, I'm Lost... Again zykO December 2013: MAGFest Month ALT
Party At Kokiri Forest Audio Mocha June 2021: VGLS Month 12/18
Passing of Time Binary 4
June 2005: Free Month 30/30
Rolling Through Time Cursed Lemon July 2012: Free Month 1/13
Shadow of the Desert Colossus bjkmenu
May 2009: Free Month 20/22
Song of Chair Ailsean January 2021: Brevity Month ALT
Suck Suck Farm DrBlackJack July 2005: Joke Songs Month 12/12
Summoner of Storms MichaelTheCrow July 2012: Free Month ALT
The EWI of Time Scaredsim
September 2018: Legacy Month 14/25
The Flat Circle evilsonic November 2020: Jazz vs. Funk Month 18/20
The Jabu-Jabu Jazz Orchestra: Goronville Koelsch1 May 2006: Free Month 23/27
The Secret Lullaby jnWake
Nemo Fairlight
Ivan Hakštok
April 2023: Free Month 11/40
The Temple of the Gerudo Reuben Spiers June 2016: Free Month 19/21
These Boots are Made for Walking (Underwater) Hyde209 May 2014: Water Month 7/17
Whispering Valley Jake Helland July 2023: MAGWest Oops! All Shitposts Month 0/00
Why Can't We Be Friends? (Back from the Dead and Livin' Large) Two Crude Dudes May 2007: Fire vs. Ice Month ALT
Zelda's Alarm Clock adamzap October 2015: Time Travel Month 8/09
Zelda's Lullaby BadHairlineProductions August 2021: Free Month ALT

Medleys featuring Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time