Songs from Pokemon Red/Blue

Play Name Artist(s) Duel Rank
A Lavenderer Shade of Lavender Czyszy August 2016: Pokemon Month 7/12
Ash is to Ashes Development of Avoid
Unknown Pseudoartist
Development of Unknown
September 2022: Game Boy Month 12/23
Ashes To Dust Kidd Cabbage March 2007: Free Month ALT
Battle Theme Adam Driskell August 2016: Pokemon Month 11/12
Champion Battle BadHairlineProductions August 2021: Free Month ALT
Giovanni's Day Off Adam October 2019: Trick or Treat Month 4/07
Grandsons are not Colours Reuben Spiers January 2017: Brevity Month 28/35
Happy Lavender Town SBB Czyszy October 2019: Trick or Treat Month ALT
Hope to See You Again! RAINBOWRAT April 2021: Free Month ALT
I Stand Alone PokérusVGM November 2015: Free Month 19/20
Nepo Baby Strut colorado weeks January 2024: Brevity Month 37/50
Pocket Bossa tibonev January 2021: Brevity Month 33/40
Pokemon Gym Leaders Have No Salary Pit Londoño August 2016: Pokemon Month 9/12
Pokemon World Downfall Sagnewshreds March 2016: Brevity Month 26/34
Pokémon Red & Blue in 60 Secs Pokérus Project January 2024: Brevity Month 21/50
Poly! Stop Dancing! I'm Trying To Be Dramatic (One) BlitzChris June 2011: One vs Many Month 9/10
Puff-182 Krastins
January 2010: Joke Songs Month 5/12
Pure Black Beginnings Katajun March 2016: Brevity Month ALT
October 2009: Gameboy Games Month 3/10
The Starter Set Careless
January 2014: Brevity Month 30/39
Those Aren't Poké Balls Daniel Alm August 2016: Pokemon Month 6/12
Trainerbattle tibonev December 2005: RPGs Month 22/24
What a horrible town to have a curse! Unknown Pseudoartist April 2021: Free Month 42/43

Medleys featuring Pokemon Red/Blue