March 2024: HAL Laboratory Month ZIP Archive of Songs Lyrics

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 Mind Lost in a Program jnWake
Ivan Hakštok
Kirby: Planet Robobot
2 Sand level Extrinzic
Kev Ragone
Ian Martyn
Angry Polar Bear
Brandon Harnish
Kirby Air Ride
3 Kiiiiiirby! Candy Mountain, Kirby! Kirby's Dream Band
Scrab Cakes
Andre Beller
Jake Helland
Scout Seshimo
Kirby Super Star
4 World of Pink TheManPF
Zachary Chapman
Connor Engstrom
colorado weeks
Kirby and the Forgotten Land
5 Hal's House of Horror Mattmatatt Kirby and the Forgotten Land
6 DREAMachine Biggoron Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
7 This City Has No Kirbs Shea's Violin Kirby Air Ride
8 Chip Tune Dog Food For Bananas
Angry Polar Bear
Jake Helland
Ronin Op F
Kirby: Planet Robobot
9 Octosong Traveler Celtic Tiger
Ronin Op F
Ian Martyn
Earth Kid
V-Ron Media
10 Ashes in the Snow Man jmr Earthbound
11 Computer Virus? Lemme Get My Hair! TheSoSoMusician Kabuki: Quantum Fighter
12 Psychomagnatheric Slime Jam evilsonic
Bi Score
Carrie Wood
Ian Cowell
New Ghostbusters 2
13 Djirby Sly Man Kirby: Planet Robobot
14 Green Greens oboejdub Kirby's Dream Land
15 A Glorious Ending valence Metal Slader Glory
16 The begining so far Hydrasphere Earthbound
17 Firebomb ButcherShoppe Fire Bam
18 Choose Your Character LXE Super Smash Bros.
19 Valley in Three Minutes or Less Bi Score
Carrie Wood
Ian Cowell
Pokemon Snap
20 Trax Tracks Zach Chapman Trax
21 Rise and Shine, It's Bass Fishing Time! cacomistle
The Beauty of Grind
Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1
22 Lolofi tibonev Adventures of Lolo 2
ALT E̴̺̾n̴͎͘j̴͍̃e̸͈̐r̵̘͐ř̷͇ ̷̬̈́Y̷̝͋u̴͓͘r̶̝̓r̴̞̄r̶̰͆ ̸̳͋S̵̥͌t̵̓͜ù̸̺r̵̯̋r̴͈͛r̴̟͂r̴̗͆ Angry Polar Bear Earthbound
ALT Sound Test (Pink Noize) Biggoron
Kirby's Dreamland 3
ALT Hut Down by the River Biggoron Pokemon Snap
ALT Note-Accurate Arpeggios, But At What Cost? Brandon L. Harnish Kirby Super Star
ALT Checking In cacomistle Vegas Stakes
ALT #tfw your attempt at being creepy is just slowing down a piano Ian Martyn Adventures of Lolo 2
ALT Puzzle Stage Ian Martyn Adventures of Lolo 3
ALT I needed to use this new piano VST I bought, so I played the Adventures of Lolo theme badly so you don't have to Ian Martyn Adventures of Lolo
ALT A Cappelcahest Ian Martyn Alcahest
ALT After a ghuruu sent me a NUVO TooT in the Hollective I ordered a NUVO DooD to keep it company and now you’re forced to listen to me play it even though I somehow sound worse than I did on the TooT despite owning the DooD for almost a month at this point Ian Martyn Alcahest
ALT HAL'd You Like Dem Apples? Newmajoe Kirby's Dream Land
ALT No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination Siolfor the Jackal Super Smash Bros Melee
ALT What Happens in the Alts Stays in the Alts The World Wasn't Meant
Dr. Baby Boy
Zombie #3
Vegas Stakes