December 2020: PC vs Console Month ZIP Archive of Songs Lyrics

Play Rank Song Artist(s) Game(s)
1 This is Holloween (Team PC) Prince uf Darkness
Connor Engstrom
Travis Moberg
The Tiberian Sons
Hollow Knight
2 Chronopolis - Part I: "The Fate and the Dreamer" (Team Console) Ivan Hakštok Chrono Cross
3 The Lonely Tower (Team PC) newip
Amigoiga sax
Tower of Heaven
4 A Shot Through Time (Team Console) Powellman Chrono Trigger
5 Kathmandu (Team Console) ErichWK Tintin in Tibet
6 Beauty of Dawn (Team PC) Chromatic Apparatus The Elder Scrolls Online
7 Getting the Shit Kicked Out of You for the Crystals (Team Console) Harpsibored Final Fantasy
8 Godspeed You! Mad Kefka (Team Console) Cory Johnson Final Fantasy 6
9 The House of the Sludge Witch (Team PC) Mega Beardo King's Quest 5
10 Ascii Adventures (Team PC) FlextoneJunkie Megazeux
11 Bring on the CARNAGE! (Team Console) The Arkadian
Jason Z
Spiderman & Venom: Maximum Carnage
12 Another World (Team Console) Moiré Effect
Vivian Reeves
Chrono Cross
13 KYAAAAAAAA!!!! (Team Console) Affection State Comix Zone
14 Specialist (Team Console) Jett Swole Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
15 Prisoner 849 Rides Again (Team PC) WASD Unreal
16 Get A Weapon (Team Console) BadHairlineProductions Mega Man 3
17 Revival Xanadu 2 (Electric Boogaloo) (Team PC) Street Cleaner Revival Xanadu 2
18 Tree stumps and inch worms (Team Console) Finding of Fiends
Kev Ragone
Curtis Ware
Dino Lionetti
Crusader of Centy
19 Immortal Love (Team Console) SJ Van Damme
Ivan Hakštok
Alien 3
Mega Man 3
20 Spice Up Your Life (Team PC) Angry Polar Bear Dune
22 Fall (Ghost Synth) (Team PC) Sybil Grace Stardew Valley
23 Downswell That Ends Well (Team PC) Mattmatatt Downwell
24 You'll Always Find Me Waiting (For the Train to Come Through) (Team PC) Ian Martyn Ultimate Chicken Horse
25 Orange Oceans (Team Console) ThatBenKid Kirby's Adventure
26 GPEGA.EXE (Team PC) tibonev Grand Prix Circuit
27 Certified Wings (Team Console) Humble Bundle
Angry Polar Bear
Alexander Brandon
Gradius 3
ALT This Isn't a Mario Clone (Team PC) Czyszy The Great Giana Sisters
ALT Chrono Trigger Beat to Relax/Battle To (Team Console) FlextoneJunkie Chrono Trigger
ALT Probe_and_Unearth (Team PC) Vuhltür Sesame Street: Search and Learn Adventures