Songs from Final Fantasy 9

Play Name Artist(s) Duel Rank
Always Assume an Ambush DragnBreth April 2011: Japan Month ALT
Bark Wark 3 Unknown Pseudoartist April 2023: Free Month ALT
Battle On The Hill of Despair (Part I) Skummel Maske September 2010: Free Month 11/18
Cabalgue Conmigo Kidd Cabbage September 2007: Free Month ALT
Calm During the Storm valence October 2017: Free Month 11/15
Command failed! Dagger can't concentrate! Harpsibored
Unknown Pseudoartist
July 2021: Vocal Month 24/28
Delicious Frogs Sly Man January 2024: Brevity Month ALT
Delicious Frogs (Instrumental Version) Sly Man January 2024: Brevity Month ALT
Don't Bring a Dagger to a Sword Fight Disposed Hero May 2022: Battle Month 22/26
Getting Jiggy With It Mattmatatt December 2023: 32-Bit Era Month 5/23
Home At Last Tackle September 2013: 10th Anniversary Month ALT
IX Minutes in Hell Careless Juja
Brandon Strader
October 2017: Free Month 7/15
Jesters of the Black Bean Paste WiP Demonstray
January 2013: Free Month 7/12
Mark, The Passenger Ivan Hakštok March 2016: Brevity Month ALT
Opportunity to Hunt Tonindo July 2011: Free Month 6/13
Prelude & Through the Heart BluuMonk
December 2023: 32-Bit Era Month 8/23
Save Your Valediction Roph
May 2022: Battle Month 3/26
Staggering saiyan...err...genome Pancho December 2007: Free Month 46/46
Strange Little Guys Biggoron
November 2023: Final Fantasy Month 4/31
The El Mariachi Hydrasphere April 2008: Free Month ALT
The Final Battle aka what is that monkey doing here? BadHairlineProductions December 2021: Free Month ALT
Vamo' Alla Flamenco Shane Steward December 2022: Free Month 34/45
Waiting To Return Kidd Cabbage September 2007: Free Month ALT
You play the harp! You get 5 additional points, kupo! Harpsibored May 2021: Minigames Month 4/16
You're all a bunch of babysitting bastards! But... Unknown Pseudoartist
Chromatic Apparatus
Zachary Chapman
November 2023: Final Fantasy Month ALT

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