Dwelling of Duels

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Star Wars Month

Last month we celebrated The Force Awakening and music from the movies was allowed!


Tornado of Solos 2011 Announcement

We are now announcing the Tornado of Solos for 2011!

The Tornado of Solos is an occasional DoD tradition where artists are encouraged / demanded to bring their technical prowess on their instrument, duking it out over a particular song!

For this competition, all entrants must cover the song Dwelling of Doom from the NES game Castlevania 2.  You can hear it here on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dw5kfLskbw.

Entries will be judged by both popular vote and a special panel of three judges.  The results of both will be tallied separately.

The judges will use the following categories to judge the entries:

  • Technicality of performance
  • Composition / Arrangement
  • Production (mixing / mastering)

The goal is to make something awesome and shreddy.  You don't have to play guitar to enter this; technical performance on any instrument works.

The due date is November 15, 2011.

Please enjoy the temporary banner for our special month, made by Crimson: