Dwelling of Duels

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Star Wars Month

Last month we celebrated The Force Awakening and music from the movies was allowed!

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What is this place?

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So you're on this site and you're like 'wtf is this place I am so confused'.

Welcome to Dwelling of Duels!

This website hosts a monthly competition revolving around covers/arrangements of video game music. We're a little different from other websites in that the lead instrument or a majority of the song must have live instruments - mostly guitars, but other people play pianos, brass instruments, and even keyboards, so long as they're actually playing the music and not just programming it.

So every month basically we post a theme - like 'Capcom Games', 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Games' or 'Games with Ninjas in them'. You have most of the month to make a new song, not publish it anywhere, and submit it, usually via email. The entries are all put out anonymously to be voted on and reviewed, until a single winner is selected for the month, who gets all the glory of beating everyone else in a totally nerdy competition. Hooray! Everyone else gets a bunch of good new music to listen to.

What do the artists get out of it? Well, besides competition and practice, they get feedback on their songs unbiased by knowing who put it out. The improvement by practicing is amazing. Check out a first entry by Danimal Cannon here and then a later one here. The improvement in production values and arrangement is immense.

So yeah, I hope you join us! We have a forum, so swing on by and say hello. You might also want to read up on the rules for a more detailed look at submitting entries. If you want to tap into our big archive of music, go by the Past Duels page and see what you like! They're all ordered by year with the theme of the month listed. You can also just use the search box in the upper right corner of the page to search for a video game or artist you like.

Hope you enjoy!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 06:44  

About DoD

Dwelling of Duels is a monthly VGM covers competition. Competitors submit redone versions of game music and the entries are voted upon by the community. Entries must comply with these rules:
• The song must follow the current month's theme;
• The song must be previously unreleased;
• The song must not be shorter than 2 minutes;
• The main instrument must by played live.
e-mail for submissions and votes: dodsongs@gmail.com

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